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Sunday Morning

Celebration Service 10:00 AM
Kid's Club 10:00 AM (K-5)

Men’s Dinner Postponed till Sept. 18th

dinner-xsmall150Men of Hope, just an update for you, we had to postpone our dinner for the month of September till next Thursday. We will be going to Wool Growers in Los Banos and meeting at the church at 6 pm to drive down together. Hope you are able to make it next week.

Harvest Festival 2014

Harvest Festival 2014 October 31st

Come and join us for our Harvest Festival, Friday October 31st at 5:30-8pm. We are going to be having some new games and new activities as we encounter the adventure of “Heroes Unmasked”. All ages of kids and parents are invited to come and participate in this activity. There is no charge! Absolutely free. Any questions contact: Valley Hope Community Church (209)634-3922